Patsie’s Zucchini packets

Start with the spinach. Use a wide pan and add some olive oil, black grounded pepper and some fleur de sel. Reduce the spinach over medium heat. Take from the heat and pour through a sieve to remove the excess of moisture.
Cut long slices of zucchini with a peeler. You need…

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Patsie’s Celeriac soup

Add 1 tblsp of olive oil in a big cooking pan. Start frying the shallots on a medium heat, add the garlic and stir for 2 minutes.  Add the the dices of Celeriac and the Celery stems and leaves. Scoop together with…

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10 reasons to go on a barge cruise

Cruising is the latest holiday hype, and rightfully so! There are so many places and things to see. But should you embark on a huge sea cruise, a 200 passenger river cruise or a cosy barge cruise with family/friends? Let’s see what you can expect on a family run barge cruise in France…

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Patsie’s Tiger prawns

Season the prawns with a mix of olive oil, lime pepper, fleur de sel, some red hot pimento and a bit of the garlic and ginger. Cover and set aside.
Put 2 tblsp. of olive oil in a pan and start heating up. Take…

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A visit of Hautvillers


the cradle of Champagne.
On the slopes of the Reims mountains in the Marne valley, just above the vineyards and below the forest, lies the small village of Hautvillers. It would have been just one of the many villages in the Champagne region, were it not for it’s abbey and the man that lived there from 1668 till 1715: Dom Perignon…

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Patsie’s Crème brûlée

Crème Brulée

Preheat the oven to 140°C (284°F).
Cut the Rhubarb in medium sized pieces. Add butter, sugar and the Rhubarb in a pan and bring to a medium heat, cook until tender. Divide the Rhubarb over 6 rather low ramekins.
Bring a wide and rather low pan with some…

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Spotlight on Champagne, II

more bubbles…
Once you discover champagne, there is no turning back. This is part 2 of our story, the story of 2 Belgians that bought a ship, started cruising the champagne area and fell in love with it. As I told you in part 1: “Discovering Champagne”, we already learned that champagne is not just bubbles served at festive occasions, it can also be paired with food. Off we went into an exiting exploration of this heavenly drink…

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Patsie’s cauliflower tabbouleh

Start with the cauliflower, then the baby cucumbers, the radishes, the almonds, the capers. Put them in nice big salad bowl.
Make the lemon zest. Peel the yellow skin, without the white (it’s bitter) from the lemon. Slice the skin in very thin fries. Put them in a pan with some water and bring to the boil for 3 minutes. Pour through a sieve. Press the lemon and add zest, the juice and some sugar back in the pan. Bring to the boil, lower the heat and let it candy till lightly sticky with still some juice left…

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A visit to Belleau Wood

US Marines memorial.
During our Champagne cruises, especially with American visitors, we include an excursion to the Belleau Wood memorial site. The small village of Belleau is best known for the battle that was fought here in june 1918. This battle effectively stopped the German advance during the 2nd battle of the Marne. It was also…

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Discovering champagne,

a bubbly story. 
It’s not only about the magic bubbles or the different grapes this nectar is made of. It is also not in particular about the tying of the vines or the terroir they grow on. It’s our story, the story of 2 Belgians that bought a ship, started cruising the champagne area…

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