Barge Johanna 2013

 About us

Looking for something new, away from a hectic very demanding life, was the start of the barging idea. Not afraid to follow our heart we both stepped into this project and made it our own.

Although having a completely different background, we both love what we do best. The boat isn’t just business, it’s also our home.

Living and sailing on the water brought us a different state of mind and a more relaxed lifestyle.

We really love to share this experience with you, offering you real quality time to relax and enjoy.

 Barge Johanna

    Your charming floating guesthouse

Johanna was constructed as a cargo ship in 1966. She has an atypical sharp bow for a péniche of her size. We transformed her in 2012-2013 to the spatious floating guesthouse she is now.

As Johanna is also our home, she is furnished in a contemporary way. The main living room with open kitchen is luminous and inviting.

 There are three ample bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom. Beds can be placed as twins or one queen. Bedrooms provide you with all the comfort needed. There is Wifi on board.

Our 34 sq m sundeck is equipped with relaxing deck chairs that allow you to bask in the warmth of the sun while admiring the surrounding landscape. For those who prefer the cool of the shadow, there is a canopy.

Our bicycles give you the opportunity to discover parts of the canal and the little villages that are situated alongside it.

 Your crew

Kris began his career at sea as a radio officer and later worked as a mechanic in the engine room.  After his marriage, he became an computer network engineer of an international company. In 2011 he quit the ICT world and started looking for a different, more satisfying way of life. After more than three years of preparation and renovation work, Kris was ready to start a new life on barge Johanna.

When Patsie met Kris, she liked the idea of a new challenge and followed him in this adventure. As a teen, Patsie was a high level artistic gymnast. She earned her master degree in physical education and became a lecturer of P.E. and dance at the Antwerp Poltechnical University. On request, she can offer you a Pilates session on board.

Patsie’s interest in cooking started as a student at University. Over the years, it became one of her favourite hobbies. On the boat she turned her cooking hobby into her new profession.

During the cruise season, we hire a driver for our minivan.

Our crew cat: In addition to the human crew, we also have Babou, our friendly feline friend on board. From the start he has been sailing with us, keeping an eye on the boat when everyone else is asleep.