Champagne and chocolate cruise

Cruising between Reims and Château-Thierry

The Champagne region is not only famous for the sparkling wine or its City of Saints. You will also love the peacefull countryside with undulating hills, striped with low-slung tresled vines of Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay grapes.

With her slow revving engine, Johanna is in no hurry, letting you truly get away from it all and relax while admiring the stunning landscapes roll by.

History has left many marks in this beautiful region.Your cruise will bring you also to charming villages and historic cities. You ‘ll visit small independent wine growers and impressive caves.

  Your Champagne cruise experience...

On all our cruises, you have a choice of things to do and places to visit, according to your preferences. Below is just a selection of what you can expect.

Majestic views

While sailing on the river or canals, it is a delight to admire the ever changing landscape. Herons and other water birds bring life to this picture. We cruise between vast grain fields or sloping vineyards.  Between the tree lined river bank, the occasional lone church or manor appears.
From high on the hillside, you can see the meandering river in the valley, a distant castle or the “Captif Balloon” of Epernay.

Sparkling Champagne

With over 340 champagne producers, there is plenty of tastes to discover. While the famous houses try to maintain a constant house style, the independent producers can offer very distinctive wines in small quantities. Come with us and taste the difference between wines from young or old vines, fermented and stored in oak barrels or stainless steel vats. And then we didn’t yet mention the influence of the soil or “terroir” on the grapes.

Rural life

On the excursions, we visit small charming villages like Hautvillers and Passy- Grigny. You will pass through almost endless vineyards with people working the vines. Some hamlets resemble a museum dating to the early 20th century. Time almost stood still here.

Intimate cities

Far away from the hectic life in Paris, you can comfortably stroll along the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, admire the Art Nouveau architecture in Reims or discover the fables of Jean de la Fontaine in Château-Thierry.

Impressive history

Here in Reims you can see the cathedral where all french kings were crowned. At Belleau Wood, the Americans stopped the german army in the battle of the Marne.The castle ruins of Chateau-Thierry and Fère-en-Tardenois are the remains of a glorious past. And in Hautvillers, Dom Perignon had a great influence on the invention of sparkling wine.

World fame

Moët et Chandon, who knew emperor Napoleon and the russian tsar, made champagne the drink by excelence for festivities and luxury. Mercier marketed the bubbles to the masses.  But the small growers produce the most diverse bubbly tastes you can’t find at home.

Delicious chocolate... and champagne.

Being Belgians, operating barge Johanna in France, we just lòve chocolate! Your cook Patsie specializes in making excellent chocolate desserts and pairs these with different champagnes. She ‘ll gladly tell you some of her chocolate secrets.

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