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Jacqie S. from Baltimore, MD wrote on July 24, 2018
Kris & Patsie, what an amazing trip! The food, the conversation, the barge and the Pilates - of course - were all so amazing. This was a beautiful trip with my Bel Esprit friends and a beautiful memory that I will always have. Thank you for sharing your lovely barge & yourselves with us... Best of luck to you both & Happy Barging!
I hope to see you again.
Laura from St Augustine, FL wrote on July 24, 2018
Kris + Patsie, Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I loved every minute of it! Your barge is beautiful and the tours and meals were fantastic (especially all of the lovely vegetarian dishes you fixed for me). A trip of a lifetime. I will remember this for years to come!
Kristin G from San Francisco, California wrote on July 24, 2018
Merci Beaucoup! I'm so pleased to have enjoyed my first barge experience aboard the charming Johanna. And, we ladies laughed and loved every minute - from yoga, to our special Pilates class, to drinking rosé and champagne, relaxing on the water and your lovely hospitality and delicious food.
We leave refreshed and with memories to last a lifetime.
Johanna me manque!
Meredith V. from Summerville, Washington, USA wrote on July 24, 2018
Merci beaucoup for the amazing trip! It was truly a trip of a lifetime and I'm so pleased it was on Johanna! Your hospitality was superb. All of our senses were delighted on this barge. I do hope our paths will cross again.
Rachel D. from Austin TX USA wrote on July 24, 2018
Thank you, Kris and Patsie, for this special time on your lovely barge Johanna.
You are wonderful, warm hosts with complementary skill sets that makes for a lovely atmosphere on board. We've loved the food, the champagne and our time just enjoying this beautiful part of France pass by.
Thank you for everything.
Mie en Fernand from Brugge, België wrote on July 1, 2018
Goed ontvangen en lekker eten! Beste belevenis in acht dagen: de rust en de STILTE.
Ken & Deb from Australia wrote on October 6, 2017
What can we say? The cruise went smoothly from the time arrangements were being made until the end of our time on board. It was, also, really good to visit new WW1 sites and memorials as well as revisit others.
Patsie, it would be wrong to say your meals were good - they were superb. Thank you for all the work you put in to produce these gems.
Kris, thank you for all the work you put in to arrange our great visits to the various sites.
Again, thank you both - you went over and above in everything you did. We will remember you and your two deckhands Cotenoir and Babou.
Nancy and Frank from GA, USA wrote on September 18, 2017
Thanks for a wonderful adventure!
It far exceeded our expectations. You guys are super hostesses. Food was exceptional. Enjoyed our trip and would like to return!
Gerry and Rayla from Kansas, USA wrote on September 18, 2017
What a wonderful trip.
Fun seeing France from a barge. Patsie's meals were absolutely wonderful. We want to take her home with us for her healthy ccoking! Comfortable, informal - everything we wanted and more. So glad we experienced this. Thank you for your hospitality.
Marty and Carol from Kansas city, Missouri, USA wrote on September 18, 2017
We all had a wonderful time and memories of a lifetime.
Anytime you talk about a trip with friends, they ask a lot of the usual questions. What did you see, did it cost a lot, how was the weather, etc. However, one friend asked only two rather simple questions about the trip, what were the highest and lowest points? No one had ever asked me those questions before. Anyway, without hesitation, my answer for the highest point was the Eiffel Tower; we have made it to France. It is the iconic representation of Paris and France, at least from an Americans' point of view. Paris, no doubt, is one of the great cities of the world. So the question about the lowest point - I said leaving the Johanna. I especially had just a great time aboard your vessel. You were the best hosts anybody could ever imagine. You provided fabulous food, refreshments, conversation, transportation, everything. You really opened your hearts to us.
USA. Sept. 2017
Keith from Hollywood, L.A., USA wrote on August 16, 2017
This was our best family vacation ever! Thank you!
Didier M from Château-Thierry, FR wrote on August 15, 2017
Il n'y a pas de hasard dans la vie!
Quelle belle rencontre!
Patsie et Kris, des hôtes remarquables et d'une générosité incroyable.
Ponctuons, désormais, l'avenir de moments festifs et pétillants!
Admin Reply by: Kris Rotsaert
Free translation: There are no coincidences in life! What a beautiful meeting! Patsie and Kris, [are] outstanding hosts with incredible generosity. Let us agree now on a future of festive and sparkling moments! Champagne!
Cindy from Alabama, USA wrote on August 12, 2017
A many thankyou's
for the beautiful boat,
for Patsie's food and knowledge of
for Patsie's exercice advise
and most of all for providing a great place for Dick's 80th birthday and Susie's ?? Birthday
also for your companionship + camaraderie.
This has been perfect!
Fred & Lisa from San Francisco, USA wrote on July 28, 2017
What a terrific trip, beautifully planned and conducted by warm, professional hosts. Outstanding in all aspects and thank you for the great cuisine.
John and Grethen from San Francisco, USA wrote on July 28, 2017
A wonderful voyage with gratious hosts, delicious meals and exceptional service troughout.
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