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Steve Buckley from Elon, NC, USA wrote on May 24, 2022
We just enjoyed one of the best vacations of our life. Our trip along the Marne with Kris and Patsie could not have been better. The Johanna was lovingly and thoughtfully designed by Kris to make the experience as good as possible. Patsie is an accomplished and creative chef who makes each meal interesting and delicious. The side trips are interesting and informative. We highly recommend it.
Hans en Marika from Ham (BE) wrote on July 31, 2020
Wij zijn met een bevriend koppel enkele nachten te gast geweest bij de B&B “JOHANNA” te Brugge.
De ontvangst was spontaan en hartelijk. Indien gewenst krijg je direct de nodige informatie om Brugge te gaan verkennen. De kamers waren zeer proper en goed in orde. Het ontbijt is zeer gevarieerd en uitgebreid met voor elk wat wils. Zelfs bij een regenachtige dag hebben we volop genoten van de gezelligheid bij jullie. Het was een zeer aangenaam verblijf en we komen zeker nog eens terug,
Giorgio Lenardo from Italy wrote on December 14, 2019
Very good location, out of normal schemes and near to Historical Centre. A particular note to the handlers, extremely kind and nice, perfect to make you feel at home. We wish you all the worlds fortune for your own life and for your activity. In our heart will remain fabulous remind of Brugge. Merry XMas.

Jim, Alex, Will and Lynne A. from Fairfax Station, VA, USA wrote on August 9, 2019
Our family was looking for a place to celebrate several milestones this year. Your barge has provided the perfect setting to enjoy and celebrate these occasions while leaving us with everlasting memories.
We selected the Johanna based on the travel stops and locations in the Champagne region, your cooking reputation and barge experience.
We have had a tremendous time, from our first step on deck we were not disappointed. The food has been fantastic, the wine and champagne perfect and abundant.
We appreciate your passion! It makes you great hosts. The van tours to towns and champagne houses was great, fun and educational.
We are very thankful for you in allowing us to invite our family friends from Chateau-Thierry on board for lunch. This was very special as they shared stories from WW2.
Thank you for being great hosts, we appreciate your endless energy in providing the best tour down the Marne.
We wish you all the best! Sincerely
Marche Ann and David M. from TX, USA wrote on July 26, 2019
Work, Save, Travel, Repeat! David

I have traveled extensively over the years, but we both agree this was one of the most delightful culinary experiences EVER! We have loved every minute of it and will be so sad when it's over. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, capt. Kris, chef Patise and William for a trip of a lifetime.
Fondly, Marche Ann
Dotty & Gary H. from Forth Worth, TX wrote on July 26, 2019
Never could we have imagined how fabulous this barge cruise could be! You exceeded every expectation with your warm hospitality and incredible culinayr feats! Absolutely everything was perfect!
We have loved getting to know each of you and wish you all the best with the Johanna.
This has been the trip of a lifetime and we will never forget the best vacation --- ever! We hope to see you again. So, until we meet again we will say Au revoir, y'all! All the best.
26 july 2019
Flora, Clarisse, M.Louise, en Gilbert from België wrote on May 25, 2019
Bedankt voor de gezellige dagen, goed weer, goed eten, vrolijke stemming. Voor herhaling vatbaar. Flora.
Bedankt voor de mooie dagen en de pillen + massage. Goed eten en drinken. Een zeer geslaagde week. Kusjes xxx, Clarisse
Vier tachtig-plussers genoten van de champagnestreek tussen Chateau-Thierry en Reims. We hebben het getroffen: het weer, de boot, het gezelschap en het lekkere eten. Bedankt. M Louise , Gilbert
Judy, Mike, Donna, Tim, Tere and Don from USA wrote on April 26, 2019
We came to the Johanna and Champagne as a reason, as if one was needed, for six friends to enjoy time with one another. There is nothing more unusual and precious than a good friend. We were blessed to have these. We came six friends, departing as nine!
Thank you Patsie, Kris and William. You have participated in memories that will be reviewed, recanted and rejoiced to every friend and family member of ours throughout our lives!
Marivic & Frederic from Spits Lucy, Izegem, BE wrote on September 24, 2018
It's quite a good experience for us to be on board of lovely Johanna. We thank you for this opportunity and the delicious food. Hopefully we can do this again next time. We loved it!❤
Tim K. & Elizabeth C from TN, USA wrote on September 15, 2018
5 stars to Johanna and crew!
Thank you for a most magical and relaxing experience - and so historical and informative! We so enjoyed you all, the conversations, the tours, the enchanting cruising, and of course, the wonderful "cuisine de Patsie", and superb wine and champagne! And Patsie, thank you so much for sharing recipe hints + guidance + advice (and cookbooks!) and of course the Friday market in Chateau-Thierry!
Kris, your technical and navigation skills and knowledge are amazing - as is Johanna's mighty engine.
We truly hope to join you again in the future! All our best.
Oliver from Chicago IL USA wrote on September 6, 2018
C'est magnifique!
Les meilleures vacances de now vies! Merci beaucoup mes nouveaux amis!
Beaucoup d'amour!
Mimi (Marilyn), Jeff Y. from La Fayette, Louisiana, and Chicago IL USA wrote on September 6, 2018
Writing this is bittersweet... Basically it means that we are near the end of this incredible adventure of ours. Anything I write in these pages would not come close to the level of appreciation we have for what you have done for us. From going on amazing tours to eating fantastic gourmet meals... Seriously, Patsie, give yourself a bow! To relaxing and letting life's problems slip away on the Johanna, we can't thank you enough. This has been the vacation of a lifetime for the three of us and you both have exceeded our expectations. There is an expression in America that sums up how we feel right now... Our experience on the Johanna is "The Cherry on Top".
Merci et Bon Chance!
Love, Mimi
Famille Laurence B. from Reims, FR wrote on August 11, 2018
Une journée fantastique, du calme, un accueil merveilleux!
Mille mercies!

Journée de rève ou tout s'arrête! Des hôtes adorables et une table de roi!!! Que demander de plus.
Merci pour votre accueil.
Jane & Ben L from NY , NY wrote on August 3, 2018
The sad end of a happy week! Wonderful sights, food, company and experience. Thank you for making the first (and we hope not the last) barge trip such a succes.
Forgot to say: the "Dame Blanche" will never be forgotten.
Admin Reply by: Kris Rotsaert
Hi Ben,
at least we know now that a "Dame Blanche" is called a "Vanilla Sundae" over there 😊
Mary Katherine R. from Palm Coast, FL wrote on July 24, 2018
Chère Patsie & Kris,
Thanks for making my traveling book about dreams a reality. We hope to pave the way for many others to enjoy the beauty of France, Johanna & the crew in such elegant fashion. Thanks also to you for shepherding us around. The champagne experiences, meals on board under Patsie's creative eye, and the smooth sailing make for an unforgettable vacation!
Jacqie S. from Baltimore, MD wrote on July 24, 2018
Kris & Patsie, what an amazing trip! The food, the conversation, the barge and the Pilates - of course - were all so amazing. This was a beautiful trip with my Bel Esprit friends and a beautiful memory that I will always have. Thank you for sharing your lovely barge & yourselves with us... Best of luck to you both & Happy Barging!
I hope to see you again.
Laura from St Augustine, FL wrote on July 24, 2018
Kris + Patsie, Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I loved every minute of it! Your barge is beautiful and the tours and meals were fantastic (especially all of the lovely vegetarian dishes you fixed for me). A trip of a lifetime. I will remember this for years to come!
Kristin G from San Francisco, California wrote on July 24, 2018
Merci Beaucoup! I'm so pleased to have enjoyed my first barge experience aboard the charming Johanna. And, we ladies laughed and loved every minute - from yoga, to our special Pilates class, to drinking rosé and champagne, relaxing on the water and your lovely hospitality and delicious food.
We leave refreshed and with memories to last a lifetime.
Johanna me manque!
Meredith V. from Summerville, Washington, USA wrote on July 24, 2018
Merci beaucoup for the amazing trip! It was truly a trip of a lifetime and I'm so pleased it was on Johanna! Your hospitality was superb. All of our senses were delighted on this barge. I do hope our paths will cross again.
Rachel D. from Austin TX USA wrote on July 24, 2018
Thank you, Kris and Patsie, for this special time on your lovely barge Johanna.
You are wonderful, warm hosts with complementary skill sets that makes for a lovely atmosphere on board. We've loved the food, the champagne and our time just enjoying this beautiful part of France pass by.
Thank you for everything.
Mie en Fernand from Brugge, België wrote on July 1, 2018
Goed ontvangen en lekker eten! Beste belevenis in acht dagen: de rust en de STILTE.
Ken & Deb from Australia wrote on October 6, 2017
What can we say? The cruise went smoothly from the time arrangements were being made until the end of our time on board. It was, also, really good to visit new WW1 sites and memorials as well as revisit others.
Patsie, it would be wrong to say your meals were good - they were superb. Thank you for all the work you put in to produce these gems.
Kris, thank you for all the work you put in to arrange our great visits to the various sites.
Again, thank you both - you went over and above in everything you did. We will remember you and your two deckhands Cotenoir and Babou.
Nancy and Frank from GA, USA wrote on September 18, 2017
Thanks for a wonderful adventure!
It far exceeded our expectations. You guys are super hostesses. Food was exceptional. Enjoyed our trip and would like to return!
Gerry and Rayla from Kansas, USA wrote on September 18, 2017
What a wonderful trip.
Fun seeing France from a barge. Patsie's meals were absolutely wonderful. We want to take her home with us for her healthy ccoking! Comfortable, informal - everything we wanted and more. So glad we experienced this. Thank you for your hospitality.
Marty and Carol from Kansas city, Missouri, USA wrote on September 18, 2017
We all had a wonderful time and memories of a lifetime.
Anytime you talk about a trip with friends, they ask a lot of the usual questions. What did you see, did it cost a lot, how was the weather, etc. However, one friend asked only two rather simple questions about the trip, what were the highest and lowest points? No one had ever asked me those questions before. Anyway, without hesitation, my answer for the highest point was the Eiffel Tower; we have made it to France. It is the iconic representation of Paris and France, at least from an Americans' point of view. Paris, no doubt, is one of the great cities of the world. So the question about the lowest point - I said leaving the Johanna. I especially had just a great time aboard your vessel. You were the best hosts anybody could ever imagine. You provided fabulous food, refreshments, conversation, transportation, everything. You really opened your hearts to us.
USA. Sept. 2017
Keith from Hollywood, L.A., USA wrote on August 16, 2017
This was our best family vacation ever! Thank you!
Didier M from Château-Thierry, FR wrote on August 15, 2017
Il n'y a pas de hasard dans la vie!
Quelle belle rencontre!
Patsie et Kris, des hôtes remarquables et d'une générosité incroyable.
Ponctuons, désormais, l'avenir de moments festifs et pétillants!
Admin Reply by: Kris Rotsaert
Free translation: There are no coincidences in life! What a beautiful meeting! Patsie and Kris, [are] outstanding hosts with incredible generosity. Let us agree now on a future of festive and sparkling moments! Champagne!
Cindy from Alabama, USA wrote on August 12, 2017
A many thankyou's
for the beautiful boat,
for Patsie's food and knowledge of
for Patsie's exercice advise
and most of all for providing a great place for Dick's 80th birthday and Susie's ?? Birthday
also for your companionship + camaraderie.
This has been perfect!
Fred & Lisa from San Francisco, USA wrote on July 28, 2017
What a terrific trip, beautifully planned and conducted by warm, professional hosts. Outstanding in all aspects and thank you for the great cuisine.
John and Grethen from San Francisco, USA wrote on July 28, 2017
A wonderful voyage with gratious hosts, delicious meals and exceptional service troughout.
Grethen from San Francisco, USA wrote on July 28, 2017
It's not about the destination, it's all about the journey!
Thanks for the delicious, beautiful, inspiring + peaceful adventure!
Bob & Anne from San Francisco, USA wrote on July 24, 2017
What a superb trip. Thank you all for making this such a memorable - beautiful vacation!
PS: Patsie's delicious cuisine, the fabulous Johanna, a very well done ship and all the friendly assistance will be permanent memories!
Bob F from USA wrote on July 24, 2017
Barge was wonderful!! The crew was spectacular, and we all said we would go with them on another (different area) cruise. The Johanna was very ship shape and comfortable. We found the A/C in the staterooms very nice. Patsie was a wonderful cook!! Best food on the trip! Breakfast, then cruise in the morning and tie up around lunch. Lunch on board then the van would meet us to take us sightseeing. Back to the boat for a little rest, cocktails and dinner. Very relaxing way to travel. Nice too, because, except for Epernay, the area is not overrun with tourists.,
Eddy & Linda from België wrote on September 20, 2016
Dag Patsie & Kris
Bedankt voor het receptje hoor! Zal dit zeker uit proberen! (ik kook graag) We hebben echt genoten bij B&B Johanna! We vertellen onze verhalen in geuren en kleuren (net zoals Kris) We duimen voor jullie toekomst en hopelijk horen we nog iets van jullie, want jullie waren in zo een korte tijd onze vrienden! Groetjes.
Russell and Julie from Australia wrote on May 18, 2016
Just a fantastic time! - and made all the more pleasurable by your great approach and companionship. Thank you so much for a great time.
Gary and Meredith from Australia wrote on May 18, 2016
This has been the most relaxing and enjoyable time. The barge is amazing. The meals and wine were absolutely delicious and the tours very informative. It was great to share your company the whole time. A very memorable holiday!
Florence M from Breine-l'Alleud, Belgium wrote on January 3, 2016
Merci encore pour votre accueil et votre sympathie lors de notre passage ce week-end. Ce fut un enchantement de découvrir votre péniche admirablement bien décorée et dans laquelle nous nous sommes très bien sentis. Un concept génial qui nous a permis de passer un admirable cap pour Nicolas. Au plaisir de vous revoir, en Belgique ou lors d'un voyage au fil de l'eau en France.
Admin Reply by: Kris Rotsaert
Free translation: Thank you again for your welcome and sympathy during our visit this weekend at your B&B. It was a delight to discover your barge so beautifully decorated and where we felt very well. A brilliant concept that allowed us to spend a wonderful birthday for Nicolas. Hope to see you in Belgium or while traveling on the canals in France.
Sonia, Trevor, Brielle, Willem from Victoria, Australia wrote on June 21, 2015
Dear Patsie and Kris,
Thank you so much for having us this week aboard the beautiful Johanna! We had a great week with lots of laughter, wine, amazing food, and great company. Looking foiward to seeing you again in the future!
Lucienne D from Brugge, België wrote on August 12, 2014
Van de talloze reizen die ik in mijn leven reeds heb gemaakt, was deze cruise van Brugge naar Parijs de meest rustgevende en ontspannende ooit.
Admin Reply by: Kris Rotsaert
Free translation: Of the countless voyages I made in my lifetime, this cruise from Bruges to Paris was by far the most relaxing one.
Melanie and Chris from New Orleans, LA, USA wrote on May 17, 2014
What can we say other than "this was the PERFECT trip"! We enjoyed ourselves tremendously, from the first to the last. The Johanna is a perfect barge boat with every detail well thought out. The meals were five star. We felt completely comfortable and at home this last week aboard the Johanna and will always have great, fond memories of our trip and both of you (and Yara!). Thank you so much,
Kyler Kozacek (and family) from Ridgefield, WA, USA wrote on May 17, 2014
Thank you both for being such amazing hosts! I was amazed how modernly maritime the Johanna is furnished! The rooms had everything I needed to feel at home. The food was phenomenal! Delicious 3-course cuisine comprised of the freshest local ingredients, crafted by a par of world-class chefs. This was my first time ever in Europe, and I'm convinced there is no better way to tour. Will be looking to you both for future adventures into other countries. Thanks for the memories.
George and Maureen from Gosport, Hampshire, UK wrote on March 15, 2014
Nice hosts. Patsie and Kris are the greatest. One highlight for me was helming the ship. The Strépy locks were awsome. Thanks for your hospitality, "the best". Please come and visit us in Gosport.
David & Denise from England wrote on March 15, 2014
We had a FAB-U-LOUS time aboard the Johanna. The Strépy Locks had to be the Highlight for us. You both looked after us so well. Thank You.
Genie Doyle from Cloverdale, CA wrote on August 29, 2013
What a wonderful week we spent on your beautiful boat. The food was super and we do enjoy spending time with you. Thank you so much. Thanks to Johanna too!
Paul & Maggie Masta from California wrote on August 29, 2013
Thank you for a perfect voyage of discovery of West Flanders. Forever in our minds will be the magic of floating down the canals and watching the sun-dappled countryside. Your boat is beautiful, the food assumptious and the company delightful. Best of luck!
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