Patsie’s Veal Medallions

Veal medallions
    (or beef or Lamb fillet…)


Serves 2

  • 2 veal medallions ( if only main dish 200g/p, if with entry go for max 180g)

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • 2 tsp of coconut oil

  • 10g of butter +20g of ice cold butter ( can be salted butter, but isn’t a must)

  • 125 ml of chicken broth

  • A small tbsp. of roux ( = ½ butter + ½ flour and on a soft heat dried until a little bit brown. I’m lucky to be able to buy it instant)

  • Fresh grounded black pepper and fleur de sel


  • Take the meat out of the fridge one hour in advance. Dry it in in a sheet of kitchen paper. Brush a deep dish with some virgin olive oil and season with some pepper. Put the veal into the dish and drizzle more olive oil on top of it, season with pepper. Put a lid on it and set aside to rest (minimum 50 minutes)

Veal on your plate


  • Preheat a frying pan, and when hot enough, add the coconut oil. Season one side of the meat with some fleur de sel and put that side in contact with the pan, lower de heat a little bit. Fry it (max 3 minutes when less than 200g), put some fleur de sel on top of the meat and then turn the meat with your tongs. Let it fry for 1minute, lower the heat again ( a bit less than medium heat) and add the 10g of butter, let it fry for another minute.

  • During the frying process spoon some of the surrounding fat on top of the meat.

  • Feel with the tongs on top of the meat for its softness. Fry it a bit more if necessary. Time depends on the thickness of the meat.

  • Turn the heat off and take the meat out of the pan. Turn it over on a dish and cover it completely with aluminium foil. Keep it warm so the juices inside the meat spread again. (it should rest for a least 5 minutes)

  • While the meat is resting, heat the chicken broth. Put most of the broth in the pan of the meat and bring it to the heat. Whisk, both broth and frying residues in your pan. Add then part of the roux and see how thick it becomes. Adjust when necessary with more roux or chicken broth. Take from the heat. Then melt the ice cold butter under your sauce and stir in until it shines. Taste and season more if necessary.

  • Dress warm plates with vegetables and potatoes or fries. Put the meat last on the plate and cover with some sauce.


  • Coconut oil keeps its quality, even when really hot. The butter is there to highlight the taste but may not burn (when burned, it will taste bitter and will spoil your sauce). It also binds the ingredients if added very cold and lets a sauce shine…Don’t let it cook again.

  • Tongs avoid you prick in your meat and loose precious meat juices.

  • Adjust the cooking time for different meat. Veal is eaten in a ‘rosé ‘ way.

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